Just Eggs – A Creamy,Cheesy, Scrambled Egg and it was Vegan!

I have been less than worried about Hampton Food’s launching “Just Eggs” to the public despite the Vegan World going bonkers waiting for it to hit shelves. It has been late or has not arrived to most places that promised it. I’m giving JET.com the side eye here because they claimed they would have it in September, it’s December and still no word. To make it worse,¬† my mother has been near insane about this product hitting the market. She wants to make my 4 year old egg sandwiches like her sisters have every day before school. I honestly was never an egg fan even in my pre-vegan days. I started to enjoy a fried egg on a burger post-college but that was about it. This put me in a position of not missing eggs when I had to go Vegan (for the most part). Eggs were never a huge part of my food journey but have proven to be in the ingredients of many things I overlooked. Well I can finally say I am glad Just Egg came out for 2 reasons.

Reason #1 – My Mom is Happy!

My mom has great joy in being able to add Just Eggs to corn muffin mix and scramble some up for my toddler. This is super important. My daughter ate the eggs without question and obviously had never had scrambled eggs before or even scrambled tofu. So it was a pretty big deal. My mom made them plain with PAM spray and a touch of salt. She also made Jiffy Vegetarian Mix Corn Muffins and they came out far less crumbly than when she used Vegg or other egg replacers. They also had a density to them that wasn’t there before.


Reason #2 – I can add this ingredient into so many recipes!

I didn’t eat eggs in their whole form but boy have I learned the importance of them in other ways now that I am vegan and can’t have them. They make things stick together, become more dense, become more creamy, lighten and rise, and so much more. So for so many recipes you will begin to see me test out Just Eggs as not just a scrambled egg but an egg substitute. I did start though with a simple recipe, a fluffy creamy scrambled egg. Oh and I loved it. It’s craveable. Remember this is coming from someone who was egg adverse or at least egg neutral. The protein is high and the calories are low so if you can find it, go get it. In Massachusetts, contact your local Wegman’s since they have been getting it in on an infrequent basis. The Medford Wegman’s has an awesome team that is super helpful. The manager will absolutely put some aside for you if it is practical to do so. He’s great!


Recipe for 1 Creamy Scrambled Vegan Egg


3 tablespoons of Just Egg (shake bottle well)

1 tablespoon Daiya Jalapeno Havarti Cheese

1-2 tablespoons¬†Miyoko’s Vegan Cultured Butter


In a nonstick pan heat butter until liquid (medium-low).

Add Just Egg.

Scramble with spatula over medium heat.

When there is a teaspoon or so of liquid egg remaining add cheese grated over top and folded into mix. Do not overcook.

Serve immediately, hot.


OR… make a breakfast sandwich!

just eggs sandwich