Just Eggs – A Creamy,Cheesy, Scrambled Egg and it was Vegan!

I have been less than worried about Hampton Food’s launching “Just Eggs” to the public despite the Vegan World going bonkers waiting for it to hit shelves. It has been late or has not arrived to most places that promised it. I’m giving JET.com the side eye here because they claimed they would have it in September, it’s December and still no word. To make it worse,  my mother has been near insane about this product hitting the market. She wants to make my 4 year old egg sandwiches like her sisters have every day before school. I honestly was never an egg fan even in my pre-vegan days. I started to enjoy a fried egg on a burger post-college but that was about it. This put me in a position of not missing eggs when I had to go Vegan (for the most part). Eggs were never a huge part of my food journey but have proven to be in the ingredients of many things I overlooked. Well I can finally say I am glad Just Egg came out for 2 reasons.

Reason #1 – My Mom is Happy!

My mom has great joy in being able to add Just Eggs to corn muffin mix and scramble some up for my toddler. This is super important. My daughter ate the eggs without question and obviously had never had scrambled eggs before or even scrambled tofu. So it was a pretty big deal. My mom made them plain with PAM spray and a touch of salt. She also made Jiffy Vegetarian Mix Corn Muffins and they came out far less crumbly than when she used Vegg or other egg replacers. They also had a density to them that wasn’t there before.


Reason #2 – I can add this ingredient into so many recipes!

I didn’t eat eggs in their whole form but boy have I learned the importance of them in other ways now that I am vegan and can’t have them. They make things stick together, become more dense, become more creamy, lighten and rise, and so much more. So for so many recipes you will begin to see me test out Just Eggs as not just a scrambled egg but an egg substitute. I did start though with a simple recipe, a fluffy creamy scrambled egg. Oh and I loved it. It’s craveable. Remember this is coming from someone who was egg adverse or at least egg neutral. The protein is high and the calories are low so if you can find it, go get it. In Massachusetts, contact your local Wegman’s since they have been getting it in on an infrequent basis. The Medford Wegman’s has an awesome team that is super helpful. The manager will absolutely put some aside for you if it is practical to do so. He’s great!


Recipe for 1 Creamy Scrambled Vegan Egg


3 tablespoons of Just Egg (shake bottle well)

1 tablespoon Daiya Jalapeno Havarti Cheese

1-2 tablespoons Miyoko’s Vegan Cultured Butter


In a nonstick pan heat butter until liquid (medium-low).

Add Just Egg.

Scramble with spatula over medium heat.

When there is a teaspoon or so of liquid egg remaining add cheese grated over top and folded into mix. Do not overcook.

Serve immediately, hot.


OR… make a breakfast sandwich!

just eggs sandwich

Thanksgiving: 12 Year Old Wants to Open an Animal Sanctuary to Give Back

I have referred to my children and stepchildren in the past but I want to first clarify they are all my children both unofficially since the day I met them but I also adopted my two older daughters in April making us one wonderful big funky family of five. The good thing about this is that I can be way more involved in supporting their dreams and goals now. The middle daughter is a huge animal lover. She wants to save every animal and do everything she can. She also is 12 and slips up. She will do a vegan challenge and then eat a burger. It happens. I give the kids two guaranteed vegan meals a day. Breakfast and Dinner. Their lunch is up to them. I think they need to make their choices at school since I know they are healthy at home. They are both very aware and compassionate and want to do what is kind and right. One thing I haven’t gotten into much is that Emma wants to own an Animal Sanctuary one day and she has dedicated nearly every conversation toward this goal for quite some time. We ask her what she wants for Christmas, Birthday, etc. it is money for her Sanctuary or to go to a sanctuary or to do something with animals. She is only 12 and that dedicated. She is learning how to take care of horses now as well and it is very therapeutic for her (I know many vegans are against horseback riding but I encourage her compassionate side. She wants to take care of them, not use them to pull people around Central Park.) If she has them at the Sanctuary she dreams of, then she will be that much more aware of their needs and things that should be avoided because they hurt the animal. I am so proud of the girl she is growing into.



In a few weeks she turns 13. So I started a page for her secretly to jumpstart her entrepreneurship of this future sanctuary. I will unveil it to her on her birthday. Emma’s Animal Sanctuary will need many steps and I promised I would help her from the day she asked me very seriously about it. I told her she needed to study in college and make sure she could do everything that encompasses owning such a venture. Since then she has made design plans, business plans, ideas for raising money. I said she’s incredible right? Well anyway I want to share her page with everyone so you can donate, help out, volunteer expertise, or anything. She will be grateful that you are supporting her in any way. For a girl that came into my life as a toddler to now be so strong is a dream. She has conquered some serious things in her little life and she pushes through PTSD and Anxiety by therapeutic animals and people. She wants to give back to other girls like her while saving all the animals she can. Compassion is her medicine and she wants to share it. So help me help her. This is a big goal and I will need the whole community to make this happen. Happy Thanksgiving.



Martha Stewart’s Vegetables Cookbook (Meatless)

I was really interested in this cookbook from the minute I picked it up in my hands. It is beautifully set up, has wonderful pictures, the recipes are detailed, they label vegan or vegetarian etc. I mean I really can’t ask for more in a mainstream book. Also the famed Martha Stewart was behind it and I wish one day to be like her in so many ways (obviously not the way she got in trouble but the cooking and housekeeping ways). The major disappointment I felt was that everything was focused around cheese and eggs and there was very few novel recipes for vegans. As a vegan i can indeed substitute and I did in some cases like a pasta dish. It did open me up to experimenting more with sauces and trying to alter the ones that were dairy based in the book but I wish that they had these options in the book already. The food that I did make and feed to my family was amazing. I now keep foods in my fridge I did not before (like lemons in the freezer for zesting). Overall I was happy with it but I guess as a vegan you always hope for just a little more from mainstream cookbooks. If I was a vegetarian or omnivore I would have been elated!

New Year’s Resolutions!

Every New Year people traditionally make there New Year’s Resolution to lose weight or get fit. Although after having a baby this is an obvious need for me it isn’t my New Year’s Resolution. I like to make a few guide posts for my year but I never get too disappointed if things go awry… there is always next year right?!?! Puns aside here is my list of things I would like to accomplish in the next 52 weeks:

  1. Take a vacation with my daughter.
  2. Go to church more and really find a spiritual center than I can pass on to my daughter, whatever that is.
  3. Meditate more. I find peace and rest in this but hardly do it enough.
  4. Use more whole foods and whole grains in my meals and recipes.
  5. Bake my own bread more often.
  6. Go to sleep earlier.
  7. Read to my daughter more. My favorite book right now to read to her is “My Mom Eats Tofu”. It makes me smile and laugh.
  8. Organize my kitchen and my spices.
  9. Declutter everything in my house.
  10. Join a CSA.
  11. Practice yoga more regularly.
  12. Start running again. That jogging stroller isn’t going to jog my daughter around on its own!
  13. Learn to use my paddleboard.
  14. Learn to let go of things.
  15. Read more books for joy after work rather than watch tv.
  16. Teach my stepkids to surf.

So those are them. I may find that some aren’t feasible this year, or all are and add more, or even tweak the ones I posted, but here is to another wonderful. hope-filled year ahead of us. I hope everyone’s dreams begin coming true with the drop of that crystal ball in Times Square.

Happy New Year. Food is Love.

The Hippie Gypsy.

Blackberry & Apple Compote

This is just a perfect recipe to convert the sweets of summer fruit to the warmths of a fall recipe. Emily does such a wonderful job narrating her recipes also so I always love reading her entries. I am looking forward to this on top of some of my homemade vegan vanilla ice cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon!

Vegan Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich

So I know we are far far from Thanksgiving. But that is when my baby is due and that was on my mind when I was cleaning out my freezer and saw a huge bag of cranberries. In Massachusetts we are known for our cranberries and can pretty much acquire them year round. So I decided to make some cranberry sauce and that way I could cook down the cranberries and get them out of the freezer. I added 1 cup of sugar for every 12 ounces and then a splash of water. Nothing fancy. As I was cooking them I realized I also had stuffing leftover and thought…. THANKSGIVING SANDWICH!

When I was a kid, my father never ever ate leftovers. He hated leftovers. I did not, I figured free food and dragged them back to college as I got older. However, my Dad was always okay with Thanksgiving dinner leftovers in which we made leftover thanksgiving food sandwiches. Turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, potatoes, whatever you had and boom it went into a big open sandwich. So when I realized I had ingredients I thought if I make a chicken salad with Beyond Meat I will have one heck of a Thanksgiving Sandwich! So I did and my husband ate two of these sandwiches so you know they are good! Enjoy!





Chicken-less Salad Ingredients:

1 container of Beyond Meat Lightly Seasoned Strips (diced)

1/4 cup Just Mayo

Seasoned Salt (to Taste)


Cranberry Sauce Ingredients:

12oz cranberries fresh

1cup sugar

Splash of water


Stuffing Ingredients:

1 box Stove Top Stuffing (savory not chicken or turkey)

Water (per instructions)

Earth Balance Original (per instructions)


-Sliced Sandwich Bread




Making it!

Make stuffing in microwave (3mins)

Cranberry sauce: Combine all ingredients in a pot over medium heat until well combined and the cranberries pop and sugar dissolves. Continue mixing until sauce becomes less whole cranberry and more jellied. Take off heat and cool.

Chickenless Salad: Dice Beyond Meat strips and then toss with mayo and seasoned salt.

Top bread with cranberry sauce, chicken salad, and stuffing. Enjoy!




Food is Love. The Hippie Gypsy.

Roasted Potatoes with Avocado & Parsley.

This sounds like the perfect comfort food. I would eat this for Breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a great brunch dish. Yum!

Eat More Plants.


When it comes to cooking, the one thing that’s really stuck with me over the years, is that simple is best. Using the best quality ingredients and making sure each flavor and texture is treated with care and finesse should take precedent over everything else.

This roasted potato dish is a bunch of my favorite things all tossed together.

Start with clean potatoes and chop them into even sized pieces. Uneven sized pieces will cause the potatoes to cook unevenly; some will be underdone and some will be overdone.

Preheat your oven to 450 degrees F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Toss the potatoes in a bowl with olive oil, salt, garlic powder and smoked paprika.

Spread your potatoes on the baking sheet without overlapping. Drizzle a little extra olive oil on top of them too.

Roast at 450 for 25 minutes and then raise the heat…

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Beyond Meat Giveaway!


Today I announce my Beyond Meat giveaway! We will be doing a giveaway through twitter, FB, and my blog for some Beyond Meat Free Food and swag. Like me on FB ( http://www.facebook.com/veganhippiegypsy ) AND send me a message on Twitter, FB, or my blog as to why you want free beyond meat and what you will make with it this year. It’s that easy! I will pick a winner in 48 hours so start writing! Also I only ship in the US so sorry to all my foreign hippies. Maybe next time! If I really like your recipe for what you want to make and you send me it, I may even feature it as a guest blog next week!

Food is love.
The Hippie Gypsy.