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Keeping The Whole Family Interested In Meatless Mondays

Meatless Mondays are a day of the week set aside to eating in a more world and health conscious way. With the right attitude and recipes it can be a tradition that is carried on through the years. Sometimes though, sustaining a meatless day can be seen as restrictive and have negative connotations for non-vegans. There are a few things you can do to pep up your one meatless day of the week so no one feels like it is a restriction.

Tips For Sustaining Meatless Mondays For Children:

– Change another detail about the dinner, for example, during a meatless meal you can eat under the table and play pretend during the meal. Explain how each of the foods come from the earth and pretend to be bunnies.

-Let your child pick out his/her favorite vegetables, and at first do not make him eat a particular food. If your child knows meatless days do not automatically equate to a particular vegetable then they will be more comfortable with trying new things.

-Stick to the habit even when there is resistance. If you do not give in at first it will become a habit your child establishes even if there is resistance in the beginning.

Tempting adults into enjoying a change in diet can be slightly more difficult if your significant other is very resistant but there are a few things to try.

Tips For Sustaining A Meatless Day For Adults:

-You will need to pull out the culinary guns for adults, but there are a lot of addictive vegan recipes that even the most carnivorous adult will enjoy. When you find the one recipe that they request even on other days you will know you have a go to meal when temptation strikes on meatless day.

-Do not get preachy. Keep things light, if it becomes an argument simply state that you are choosing to cook meat free on this one day but you will not be offended if they do not partake. At first it may be tempting to cook a hamburger for the unhappy party, but stick to your guns without judgment. One day a week they can fend for themselves or enjoy your delicious healthy, eco-friendly meals.

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