Confession of My Vegan Eating versus Vegan Lifestyle: Being Realistic and Supportive

As everyone knows from my “About” and “Why are you Vegan?” sections I was not a voluntary vegan. I think this is important to talk about. Many of my fellow vegans are very much voluntary. You wear vegan clothing and have vegan agendas in mind at all times. You save the animals and pass out pamphlets and use hemp based face creams and all that. Some are even referred to as the “vegan mafia” for bullying those who are not as vegan as they are. Let’s be realistic. This “veganism” is not a contest. I however try to live and ecofriendly lifestyle and am getting more “vegan lifestyle” oriented with the more knowledge I attain but am not quite up to par with my fellow vegan enthusiasts. I am explaining this for all the vegan beginners out there so that you don’t feel pressured or turned off by all this. It is overwhelming to say the least and borders on oppressive at times. I dislike the idea that all vegans are a bunch of carboard granola eating hippies and I equally dislike the vegans that call other vegans not “real” vegans because once this year they caved and ate a piece of cow milk cheese and wore leather Nike’s. Either extreme is just that…. extreme.

I am a vegan and occasionally I get butter in my food at a restuarant and pay for it in the restroom later and once a year (maybe twice) I allow myself to have something I shouldn’t. I wear what I wear and some of that yes is wool. I know they cut their tails off and I am against that but I also didn’t think about that when I bought my cardigan from Ann Taylor that day. I try to wear more cotton and organic materials. I try not to wear polyester which is not ecofriendly but unusually its okay by vegans. Which is strange because petroleum is what makes plastic and polyester and it is composed of biodegraded animals and plants. So I am not sure if that is right because organic honey is supposedly a no-no and killing bugs even though I walk on them everyday and hit them with my car ….. but who am I to judge?

That is the point! Who are any of us to judge? I think we should be healthy and happy and at peace. Does eating vegan make you healthy? Usually… unless you eat nothing but vegan candybars, muffins, and pasta (i’ve been there). Is it better for the environment? Absolutely because when less animals are needed for agribusiness it directly affects the planet. But do we need to change everything at once? No. Everything in moderation or else it is too exhausting for others to accept. No one wants to be scolded for a good effort. So go ahead call yourself kinda vegan or almost vegetarian. Do what you can! I do that everyday. It helps, all of it helps, every inch of it. So do a Meatless Monday or two or a hundred! Don’t worry about it on Taco Tuesday but maybe try again for a meatless morning on Thursday. Every step towards a healthier life is all anyone should wish for anyone else. I hope everyone becomes 1% vegan at least. That would be the best thing anyone could ask for in this Vegan community (and really only equals out to a few days a year so most people probably are).

So please keep pushing along. Be happy. Be vegan. Even if it is only 1% but 100% isn’t something that wouldn’t be amazing to shoot for! I know I shoot for it everyday. Even when I miss bacon and have to watch “Forks over Knives” to keep myself in line!

Food is Love. XOXOX,

The HIppie Gypsy

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