Beyond Meat Grand Prize GIVEAWAY Winner is JOHN RIFE. @Jrgoblue32

I have to say that I was incredibly impressed and overwhelmed by the entries. You wrote me in emails, private messages, Facebook, blog, comments, twitter, you name it. I heard amazing stories and delicious recipes. I read every single one. I even had to ask my family for help narrowing down my choices. So with that I expanded the winners prizes. The grand prize is still as advertised but I added a few more ” runners up”. They will get the prize listed next to their name. If you won I will try to directly contact you but please email me your address so I can mail you your prize ASAP. I will not give out this info or sell it. Because I don’t have a reason to or know how anyway… but also because I trust my fans and want you to trust me too! So with that here are the winners:

Grand Prize: JOHN RIFE. @Jrgoblue32
1st Runner Up: ANDY JAMES. Prize is one free package of beyond meat, a $1 off coupon, and a guest blog recipe spot.
2nd Runner Up: RODRIGO DIAZ LINUX. Prize is one free package of beyond meat and a $1 off coupon.
3rd Runner Up: KALEIGH MCGUIRE Prize is a $1 off coupon for Beyond Meat.

You are all amazing and I hope you can help inspire more people to love veg options and cook each other amazing food. I am so blessed to have you as fans!

Food is love.
The Hippie Gypsy.

5 responses

  1. Yay, I won too šŸ™‚
    I messaged my address via Facebook to you.

    Thank you very much for including more winners. That’s really nice!

    Hope you get better. I had an ear infection last year and know what a headache that can be.


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