My husband called me a hippie for the first time on our honeymoon while I dug through endless pages of a travel book. I needed vegan food and then I wanted to go to this Hindu Temple but could we stop at this thrift store I saw online on our way? So yes, I am kind of a hippie and my love for travel makes me a bit of a gypsy. The good news? I can help other beginner vegans navigate this crazy world as I learn to navigate it myself. Please join the caravan!

XOXOX, The Hippie Gypsy

Instagram: https://instagram.com/littlehippievegangypsy/

Twitter: @TheHippieGypsy

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  1. Hey there! I just discovered your blog and I love that you have a “Quickies!” category. I’ve been vegan for just over a year, and I’m a lazy cook who’s always searching for quick easy recipes. I also love connecting with other vegans, so I’m happy I found your blog. Celeste:)


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