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Why Use Vegan Protein Replacers


Veganism is rapidly gaining popularity across the country. While this growth is largely a result of the

health benefits of this lifestyle, there are some individuals who will experience difficulties in obtaining

enough daily protein. Luckily there are vegan protein replacers designed to make it easy for people to

get their recommended daily amount of protein.

One of the most common concerns about taking these supplements relates to an ethical concern. Most

individuals who become vegans do so in order to avoid being a part of animal cruelty. This stems from a

belief that animals should not be harmed for the benefit of humans. It is a common misconception that

all brands of vegan protein replacers contain animal products. While there are some products that do

contain these products, they are required by law to clearly indicate this on their package.

Unfortunately, the location of this disclaimer is not defined by law, and as a result, there are many

companies that attempt to hide this warning. In order to determine if a particular protein replacer

is vegan friendly, you must carefully examine the entire package. Some companies will place this

disclaimer on the front of the packaging. However, there are other brands that will hide this warning in

the ingredients list. If you have examined the entire package and can find no animal product disclaimers,

then the protein supplement should be vegan friendly.

As the health benefits of veganism become more well known, it is likely that this movement will

continue to grow at a healthy rate. However, there are some people that may require nutritional

supplements in the form of vegan protein replacers. This is not a major problem, and in fact, it is rather

common. In previous decades, it was difficult to find protein replacers that did not contain animal

products. Fortunately, now there are numerous vegan friendly products available.


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