Adapted Recipe: Jokerz Cheesecake (it’s like a snickers hugged a cheesecake)

When I first began trying to make my own vegan food outside of rice, veggies, and spaghetti with Mushroom Prego. I fell upon searching for recipes in vegan blogs all over the internet. I fell in love with photos but when I would see a recipe I would say what the heck is torula yeast and where would I even buy coconut flour and why are their 27 ingredients? So with that, I have definitely taken my time on choosing and making dishes that are tasty, simple, and have no weird ingredients. What I have found is that sometimes things require adaptations and sometimes I am capable of making them. So when i came across a recipe for a Cheesecake that boasted a Snickers Candy bar feel and flavor, I was in! (PS Snickers aren’t vegan 😦  sadly but the Jokerz bar are a good substitute!)

Here is the original recipe:

Here are my adaptations:

  1. First I  prefer Newman’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Sandwich cookies for the crust. Lately I will use Oreo ones with Peanut Butter Creme if I can’t find Newman’s.
  2. Layer the ingredients into a food processor is fine however I have dumped them all in out of order before (except for the cookies, they go first to powder out without wet ingredients). The only thing that happens when they are out of order is that sometimes the candybar pieces are a little more chunky in the pie. I kinda like this!
  3. The next thing is DO NOT take the pie out of the oven after cooking. It has to settle for that 30minutes in the warm oven. I was skeptical but I am not any longer. It is a requirement!
  4. Last when you top the pie you need a nutella-esque substitute to top it with. I use Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter if I can find it. Chocoreale is not anywhere in my region of the US it seems. If then do not have it I mix almond butter with vegan chocolate chips, heat, mix, and spread! I also like to chop a few types of nuts and top it with hazelnuts, peanuts, and slivered raw almonds. It looks prettier that way!

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